Thursday, November 30, 2006

Couturexia Nervosa

is a psychiatric diagnosis that describes a fashion disorder characterized by poor self esteem when it comes to clothing. Symptoms include incessant buying of the latest trend, and later bitching out that it doesn't look good on them.

Couturexics are constantly on the prowl for interesting styles, and may be seen watching like a hawk in public places, eyeing garment after garment, whether on a mannequin or an actual human being.

Their body image is normal, but distorted when it comes to the clothes they wear. Although their style is not that bad, they exaggerate and actually believe that they look like fashion rejects. They see a particular garment looking "fabulous" on someone else, but when worn, they are under the belief that "it doesn't look half as good on them."

Treatment includes a reality check, issued by relatives or close friends, with a note that says three simple words: GET OVER IT.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Creative Orgasm

a term that refers to when you have thought of a brilliantly creative idea. Etymology of the term is the phrase creative juices flowing. And when juices flow, orgasm occurs. Hence, creative orgasm.

Other related terms are: creative sex, creative orgy, creative msaturbation, and creative cum.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Beauty Has A Price

Beauty - everybody's favorite topic.

I wish I had her legs, I wish I had his smile - everybody's favorite line.

I wanna look like Tyra Banks, like Brad Pitt, like Heidi Klum - everybody's idol.

I look like Angelina Jolie, like Jennifer Aniston - says the ugly versions of celebrities.

My message to you? Get over it, you'll never look like Mariah Carey, you'll never have Sam Milby's smile, nor Tyra's legs. Accept what your flaws, and make the most out of it, because this is what sets you apart. Beauty is subjective. What may be pretty for you may be ugly for me.

Venus de Milo was nothing until her arms fell off - a trivia you must know.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

It Started With A Lychee

There we were, on my bed, watching Queer As Folk while I lay on his chest, and his arm around me, while I chewed on a Japanese lychee flavored candy. We were holding hands, silent, filling the awkward gap with music from the television.

He broke the silence with a chuckle, and, "I can smell your candy from here.."

I smiled and squeezed his hand, and replied, "Are you sure it's my candy? Must be my soap you're smelling."

I took a bath before he got here, and I assumed he mistook my peach scented liquid soap for my candy.

"Are you sure it's my candy?" I asked, facing him. He looks at me, smiles, and nods.

I leaned over and kissed him, allowing his tongue to lick my lips, letting it roll inside my mouth, feeling its warmth envelope me.

"So, it's my candy?" I asked again, grinning. He was grinning as well, and I said, "Well you can have more.." I leaned over again and soon we were locked in an embrace, arms around each other, kissing each other for a long time.

This was the scene earlier when J came over my house. I was soooooo kilig :)

Cheating Is So Overrated

Cheating - yes, it's a crime, it's a sin, it's wrong, it's evil, it's.. WHAT-TF-EVER.

I know cheating is not a holiday, but when you think about it - the saying that goes "once a cheater, always a cheater" - is freakin' overrated.

I believe in the idea that the ONLY reason a person cheats is because HE IS NOT SATISFIED WITH HIS PARTNER. Why would he get someone else when he has everything he needs from his partner? He has an affair because the third party fills the void the legal partner cannot fulfill.

With that said, I think the one who was cheated on is partly at fault. Yes, the cheater should get a spanking for being unfaithful, but if he wasn't enough to keep his partner happy... well, I think you get my point.

The problem with gay men is that they love rushing relationships without getting to know the guy first. They keep saying they've met the one and when they find out they've been cheated on, they cry their hearts out, annoying people, especially me.

If they could take the time knowing the guy, they would know if the guy is worthy of keeping his heart, of making him happy, and most of all, satisfying him.

Papa Don't Preach

I feel so out of the loop. While sitting with my friends at Coffee I. in P. Noval yesterday, I just found out that one of our classmates is pregnant. I don't wanna name names, because I think it'll be unethical if I would just blurt her name all over cyberspace. Goodness, and I thought I was pretty updated with things.

Anyway, the point is she's pregnant, and I give her a hand for not opting for abortion. I am very much AGAINST abortion. In my opinion, life is the most precious thing a person could have, and to to end it, before it even began, is incredibly unfair. I DON'T SEE THE POINT OF WHY THE CHILD HAS TO PAY THE PRICE FOR THE IRRESPONSIBILITY OF BOTH MOTHER AND FATHER.

Yes, you might be thinking, what if the parents are unable to care for the child? What if they're still studying, they're not financially stable, they're.. WHATEVER. Well darling, they should have thought of that before they started screwing.

If you have any reason why you can't take care of your kid, that doesn't mean that you have to crush it inside your womb. Have the decency to consider the life of the child.

Be responsible for your actions. Your actions have consequences so be prepared to face it.

Honey, you know who you are. If you need help, we're just here for you. Don't hesitate.
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