Saturday, January 9, 2010

Don't Cry For Me, McDonald's

For someone who people think is masungit, I'm pretty balat sibuyas. I'm very emotional and I tend to cry easily. I don't know where this sometimes embarrassing habit comes from, but I can't help but tear up when I see something sad or inspirational. It's silly because I cry from the totally normal (like Madonna's Confessions Tour), but sometimes, something good can make my eyes well up with tears. Something like the new McDonald's Tweens commercial:

McDonald's Philippines has a history for making touching commercials. Who could forget Karen and Lolo in the 90s?

There is also First Love, with music provided by The Eraserheads, which to this day can make me cry like a baby.

However, the original of this TVC is from the States and was released 10 years ago.

Even though the Americans pioneered the First Love concept, I still say the Philippine version is a lot better. Now to wipe away my tears.

The Gold Digger Manual

What every gold digger needs to get. The Complete Idiot's Guide to Wills and Estates. And when you have sucked your geriatric husband dry and have turned to more subservise methods to buy the new Chanel, The Complete Idiot's Guide to Getting Out of Debt.

The Complete Idiot's Guide. Making gold digging easy as pie.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Resolutions for 2010

2009 is officially over. Honestly, I'm glad it is because we can now put the year that was behind us and start anew. With the start of 2010 comes an opportunity to change ourselves (and our country) for the better. Here are some of my personal resolutions for the year:

1. Lose weight. I gained so much that many of my clothes are starting to feel a little too tight. Made a deal with my mom to prepare healthier food with less beef and pork (which I'm hoping will lead to the complete annihilation of meat from my diet). I'll also cut sweets and junk food to focus on fruits and vegetables. So far, it's going great. For lunch today I had chicken and vegetables (with a slice of watermelon for dessert) and oatmeal with apple chunks for dinner.

2. Start exercising. Because a diet overhaul is not enough.

2. Be more thrifty. Must avoid shopping impulsively. I'm getting rid of my habit of buying books by the bulk without checking to see if they are any good. That annoying habit ended up with me drowning in books I haven't read, and preventing me from reading the books I want to read. Now, I'm faced with the formidable task of giving them away to friends, which is tedious because I have to make sure it's the kind of book they'd enjoy.

3. Read more. Because it pays to be intelligent.

4. Focus on writing my book. As my 21st birthday is slowly approaching, I'm drifting away from publishing within the confines of youth. Frankly, I don't want to be an established author when I'm in my thirties because by then, my priorities would be bills, bills, bills.

5. Be more.

I know that new year's resolutions are never fulfilled (I make a list every year, to no avail). But that was because I wasn't focused and willing to change. Now that I know how important these five resolutions are, I think I'll be able to do it. Wish me luck!
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