Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Marx, Weber, and Me

I was pretty nervous when Bill and I went to Citimotors - Pasong Tamo to confirm our intership. Like I said, I've never applied for any job so I didn't know what to expect. We were only advised by our coordinator to dress nice and bring a resume.

We got there in one piece but all we did was submit our resumes and fill out application forms. Someone from HR asked us to come back for the interview. Tss. The supervisor didn't even see my Courreges shirt.

On our way back, I saw this guy wearing a communist shirt with the logo and an inscription that says MARX, THE FATHER. Awesome.


citybuoy said...

i wonder if that guy even knows who marx is. haha i doubt he would've tucked his shirt in if he did. haha

Koji A. Iizuka said...

haha! you're mean! maybe he IS a communist. maybe he's one of luis taruc's avid followers :p

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