Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Obsession du jour

Meet Henry, my obsession du jour. A 10.1" HP mini-notebook I bought last Christmas. It took me quite a while because I was thinking of so many things such as the size, the brand, and the price. I decided on a netbook because it's light, it's cute (it has a cool swirl design on the cover), and meets all my needs as a writer, student, editor, and all around internet bum. Besides, I have a desktop for heavy duty tasks that little Henry can't do. I was hoping for a Toshiba but a netbook with the same specifications cost a lot more. So far, Henry performs great and I'm in the process of installing much needed programs like iTunes, Limewire, Microsoft Office, and Photoshop.


caloy said...

i want one too! happy new year! :D

Myk said...

This isn't official yet, but you may have just supported racism when you bought your HP netbook.


Still, I'm happy you're happy with your purchase. :)

Koji A. Iizuka said...

Um, okay? Are you even sure it's because he's black? It could be a glitch or something. And I did not purchase an HP computer to support racism.

Koji A. Iizuka said...

@Caloy go get one! it's a great unit! :)

happy new year, too!

Myk said...

I merely shared a video, no biggie. I'm not saying anything definite. :)

Happy new year!

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